Celebrate Life with Yest Fashion

Since 1996 – Modern women’s fashion for the lady who knows what she wants 

Yest is spontaneous, unique and affordable. Yest is everywhere and original, but also in the moment. It is fashion for the trendy woman who knows what she wants and enjoys living life for today.  With six new collections per year, keeping your fashion up-to-date has never been easier.

Yest is based in the Netherlands and is headquartered in Bevervijk. We are carried by over 300 retailers throughout Europe and in a growing number of boutiques across the US and Canada. Since 2011, customers in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom have also been able to shop through our online boutique.

Nothing is better to a fashion-loving woman than creating a new and unexpected outfit combination from her own wardrobe…  like that old and forgotten t-shirt that was given new life when paired with your newest skinny jeans. Or that time you dared to wear a bold colour that brightened your eyes and matched perfectly with your skin tone. However, this isn’t always the case and there are some mornings so hectic that even the most stylish woman has a hard time deciding what to wear. This is the reason our Yest stylists make the best combinations from every new collection and have them featured on our webshop. Get inspired or buy your favorite outfit all with the click of a mouse. Being this stylish has never been that easy!

Surprising combinations are all the rage this fall. Find your perfect coat or mix and match an office-appropriate blazer with a feminine skirt. Tweed printed pants or tropical flowers paired with suede… anything and everything goes! As the weather turns colder, the Yest collection is a match made in heaven with its warm colours and fine fabrics.

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